Empower Your People & Partnerships

Build systems of trust, performance, and collective ownership

Why do you need empowered people?

Empowerment provides the conditions for many human needs to be met including autonomy, playfulness, creativity, growth, and community. Through building empowered systems, everyone can add value in a way not possible by the elite few.

Organisation Workshop

Learn to see the predictable conditions that get in the way of an empowered system and develop strategies to overcome these conditions in this highly engaging live workshop.

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Culture and Leadership Diagnostic

Assess the leadership and cultural dynamics at play within your organisation with a reliable and valid measurement.

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Tailored Organisational Coaching

Integrate purpose, connection, and empowerment in your workplace with tailored consulting and coaching solutions.

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How do we empower our people?

Many strategies are available…

An empowered organisational system is obvious to us when we see and hear it. Top leaders share power, managers connect others but don’t micro manage, team members solicit input and take action in servie of the organisation. Despite our appreciation of the value of empowerment, situations where we are not experiencing partnership appear predictably prevalent. Typically two different approaches to the loss of empowerment at the most senior levels of organisations:

  • Engage strategy consultants to “solve the problem” and tell your organisation the answer that the unempowered people did not come up with

  • Hire leadership consultants to teach people about how one group of individuals needs to step up more

…Some strategies are better than others

An individual human being is a complex being. There is a lot going on for anyone of us at any given time. An organisational system is a collection of human beings, therefore this system is significantly more complex than any singular human. Any solution seeking to build partnership and empowerment must acknowledge and support members of the system to:

  • See the complex system its basic parts

  • Understand the patterns of relationships within the system

  • See our role in making the change we want to see occur

  • Take action to respond differently to those patterns

What is the Organisation Workshop?

Based on the pioneering work of experiential trainer and organisations expert, Barry Oshrey, the Organisation Workshop provides us with invaluable insight into how the systems that surround us every day work and how we tend to interact with those systems and its members. Systems are all around you (family, school, workplace, community). And each of us interacts with each system in various roles every day.

What does the workshop help me do?

  • Predict your system

    While all systems are unique, there are consistent conditions and repeat patters of behaviours that emerge. Learn these predictable conditions to give yourself a different choice.

  • Create clarity in how to empower

    Learn how to see where you are in the system and define your stand on how you will operate from that space to empower yourself and others.

  • Build a system based on partnership

    When people are in partnership, they are jointly committed to the success of whatever endeavour, process or project they are in. Learn how to remain in partnership in spite of predicable tensions.

What is a Culture and Leadership Diagnostic?

Sometimes, it is helpful to have an outside eye support us in making sense of what is happening. With the use of leading diagnostics, we are able to better define how our organisation culturally interacts, where it differs, and what we need to create a more empowered system.

What will a cultural and leadership diagnostic reveal to me?

  • Qualify and quantify outcomes

    of our current culture such as engagement, performance, intention to stay, teamwork, and adaptability

  • Diagnose the cultural dynamics

    occurring within the business

  • Understand the leadership behaviours

    contributing to the culture

  • Identify the key causal factors

    of the prevalent cultural norms

  • Build an approach for creating the culture you seek

    that is supportive, partnering, empowering, inclusive, and performant

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