Creating a Meaningful Connection

Communicate with others in a way that sees their innate gifts and values their contributions.

Why do you need meaningful connection?

Feeling connection to others is a universal human need. The value of connection is well studied and established. We hope we can support you to feel the value of meaningful connection via one of our products below:

Compassionate Communication Coaching

Increase connection with others by upgrading your communication methodology through self-compassion and empathy.

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Gifts-based Team Development

Increase connection within your team by embracing a gifts-based philosophy and see how your own gifts combine with others to define a unique team signature gift.

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Tailored Team & Organisational Coaching

Integrate purpose, connection, and empowerment in your workplace with tailored consulting and coaching solutions.

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How do we create more meaningful connections?

Many strategies are available…

There is no shortage of quick tips available for you to increase the possibility of connecting socially with others:

  • Signing up for common interest groups.

  • Physically embracing loved ones more often.

  • Volunteering in local community organisations.

…Some strategies are better than others

Sometimes the way we interact with others and the stories we tell ourselves decrease our connection. Most interaction is governed by the way we communicate both with the world around us and internally with ourselves. Innate-ly aims to improve communication approaches and see the unique gifts of those around us, increasing the connection in our lives.

What is compassionate communication?

Based on the work of clinical psychologist, Marshall Rosenberg and his research around Non-Violent Communication (NVC), we support clients to explore how common approaches to communicating with others can unintentionally damage relationships and instead build a practice of communicating based on self-compassion and empathy.

What will I get from compassionate communication?

  • Create Connection

    by learning how to respond with awareness of your own personal needs and with curiosity of needs for those with whom you’re communicating.

  • Dissolve Conflict

    in your relationships by building a greater sense of empathy for others and finding strategies to move forward together.

  • Build Resilience

    through emotional exploration, a greater discernment of where you are directing your energy, and ownership for how you are interacting with the world around you.

  • Transform Relationships

    to be filled with support, kindness, and courage to explore even the most difficult conversations.

What is gifts-based team development?

Based on the philosophy of gifts, we support workplace teams and groups to create their signature gift which is unique to the team. This process is highly engaging with all members of the team and helps team membersto communicate through the lens of a shared path. It thereby creates more connection, belonging, and meaning to the team’s shared work. With multiple teams in an organisation, knowing each team’s signature gift also connects the teams through clarity about each team’s unique operating styles. This can be done as a stand-alone exercise or deepened by understanding team-members’ Core Gifts.

What do I get from gifts-based team development?

  • Create Team Connection

    Create more meaningful connection among members of the team by seeing how each member’s unique core gift work together.

  • Enhance belonging

    Establish the collective reason all members come together and why it matters to them.

  • Contribute to the Mission

    Align team members’ motivations with a clear, driving rationale for why they show up together and how it the signature gift links to the mission of the organisation.

  • Diminish Intra-team Conflict

    Improve the communication between teams by growing the understanding and appreciation of team differences as part of how all contribute together

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